Staying Connected Strategy

Are you or your Marketing staff looking for fresh new approaches to attract and retain more customers? If so, we offer a series of Business Seminars that just might provide the ideas you're seeking. These seminars are all available as either onsite presentations or online webinars. Check them out below, then call us for pricing and schedule.

Business Growth Topics

Unleash the power of the Internet by using FREE services to leverage YOUR business - What YOU Don't Know can COST you!

Key objectives of the seminar: Explain how YOU can use FREE Services on the Internet to jump start your business.

Many amazing free services exist on the Internet which can help you take your business to the next level. Learn about these services and how to use them to develop a strategy for making your business more profitable. You may be surprised to discover that many of these free services are available in the venues of Marketing and Public Relations.

Get Your Word Out

Key objectives of the seminar: Reveal 10 outstanding ways to promote your business.

This presentation showcases HOW to blend many methods of reaching YOUR IDEAL target audience in cost effective and creative ways - including Public Relations, Event and Customer Cross Promotion, Social Media, Contests, Promotions, Free Advertising plus more!

Instantly Grow Your Business: Top Secrets using Promotional Products!

Key objectives of the seminar: Explain how your business name and message can and SHOULD be seen by your customers and prospects EVERY day.

WHY does this strategy work and mean more prosperity for you!??? What is new? What is working?

Successful implementations of the strategy will be demonstrated by actual Case Studies. Many of these tactics can be executed very quickly with little financial investment! Remember: Out-of-sight IS out-of-mind in today's fast-paced marketing environment. Why become lost in the crowd, when you can STAND OUT with just a small tweek in your business promotion strategy?

Messages in the Mail: The New Secret Weapon for Business

Key objectives of the seminar: Demonstrate the modern way to use the Postal Service as a great marketing tool.

'Snail Mail' is alive and well! Learn how to send birthday wishes, event reminders and custom advertising to hundreds of prospects and customers in under one minute! All through the mail! Seamless follow-up at the push of a button. Your message stays on the customer's desk for days. Contrast this with the few milliseconds of visibility in which an email may be seen - or missed forever!

They say that what goes around, comes around. It's time for our amazing Postal Service to be back in fashion! You'll find out how to use it in remarkable ways to grow your business; ways that are smart, beautiful, memorable, cost effective and that WORK!

Get to Know Young-at-Heart Boomers in order to Grow Your Business!

Key objectives of the seminar: Present numerous ways of tapping into the rapidly growing Baby Boomer market.

Today, many businesses are targeting clients aged 50+. This seminar will introduce 10 creative ways to meet active Boomers. To engage this audience, marketers and sales people need to think "Out-of-the-Box". So put on your dancing shoes, get out the hiking boots, and run fast to catch up with these fast moving potential customers!

Re-branding Aging

The New Paradigm of Collaboration and Teamwork